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50pc round corner business card blanks
choice of 3 sizes, available in 4 colours:
ale brown, ivory, pilsner gold & weizen (white)
from cardstock manufactured with mixed leftovers from the brewing industry:
40% to 60% beer labels, 5% to 20% malt/yeast/hops fibres,
and between 30% and 50% totally chlorine-free (TCF) virgin paper pulp
made with one of the oldest paper-making machines in Europe
- hidden away in the Bavarian Alps
these are ready to use for customized stamped business / name cards,
hang tags, mini post cards or even place markers

biers series recycled blank business cards

  • + material: recycled cardstock
    + thickness: 250gsm
    + size: as listed
    + weight: 80g
    + quantity: 50 pcs

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